GRAM nanoGRAM Controller


This manual provides detailed information on the GRAM nanoGRAM Controller, a revolutionary compact and customizable gaming controller. Developed in collaboration with Grammy$$$, Beta Buttons, and @BRUISESXO, this device represents a significant innovation in the gaming community, emphasizing portability without compromising on functionality.

Evolution and Open-Source Commitment

Origin and Development

The GRAM nanoGRAM emerged as a solution for gamers seeking a high-quality, ultra-portable controller. Its creation marks a significant stride in making premium gaming controls accessible and customizable, reflecting the community's evolving needs.

Embracing Open-Source

The nanoGRAM is built on an open-source foundation, encouraging community engagement and DIY modifications. This approach underlines our dedication to fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration.

Customization Features

The nanoGRAM features a sleek, credit-card-sized chassis crafted from UTR8001 Transparent Resin, making it a perfect canvas for custom art and designs. Its modifiable nature ensures that each controller can reflect the individuality of its owner.

Starting Your Customization

Initiate your customization journey by exploring various design options and utilizing our GitHub for resources. Join our Discord community for support, inspiration, and to share your unique creations.


  • Design Profile: Credit-card-sized chassis for ultimate portability.

  • Button Layout: Offers traditional mapping for an intuitive gaming experience.

  • Material: Durable and stylish UTR8001 Transparent Resin.

  • Switches: 7mm B3F Switches, accommodating even the smallest hands.

  • Circuitry: Smooth gameplay ensured by RP2040 integrated circuit design.

  • Firmware: Runs on reliable and user-friendly Haybox firmware.

  • Compatibility: Supports Gamecube, Wii, Switch, Nintendo 64, PC, and Brook Wingman.

  • In the Box: nanoGRAM controller. Note: Compatible with all USB-C cables sold by GRAM, not included in the box.

Platform Support and Optimized Mappings

The nanoGRAM supports a diverse range of gaming platforms and is optimized for titles across the Super Smash Bros. series, Project M/Project+, Rivals of Aether, Guilty Gear Strive, and more, offering a versatile gaming experience for all users.

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