GRAM Slim SMASH Controller


This manual provides detailed information on the GRAM Slim SMASH Controller, developed to meet the immediate needs for a high-quality, customizable gaming controller. Originating from Grammy$$$, this controller has become a sought-after item in the gaming community, thanks to its innovative design and open-source ethos.

Evolution and Open-Source Commitment

Origin and Development

The GRAM Slim SMASH was born out of necessity, quickly evolving from a personal project to a community favorite. Its popularity underscores the gaming community's demand for customizable and high-quality controllers.

Embracing Open-Source

Dedicated to the principles of open-source, the GRAM Slim SMASH encourages users to engage in DIY modifications. This commitment fosters a culture of innovation and support within the gaming community.

Customization Features

Art Design Panels

The controller is designed with swappable art design panels, allowing users to personalize their device. Panels can be obtained from or created using our GitHub resources, offering endless customization possibilities.

Starting Your Customization

To begin personalizing your GRAM Slim SMASH Controller, swap the art design panels. Utilize resources on our GitHub for creating your panels and connect with our community on Discord for further inspiration and assistance.


  • Dimensions: 12.4 inches x 6.9 inches

  • Weight: 1.6lbs

  • Design: Sleek 10mm chassis with high-quality screen-printed aluminum

  • Controls: Toggleable WASD/traditional mapping, Kailh Choc v1 Red switches, V2 PBT 24mm Choc Buttons

  • Circuitry: RP2040 integrated circuit design

  • Firmware: Bubblebox-WASD Mk1.1

Platform Support and Optimized Mappings

The GRAM Slim SMASH Controller supports various platforms, including Gamecube, Wii, Switch, Nintendo 64, PC, and Brook Wingman. It is optimized for a wide range of games such as the Super Smash Bros. series, Project M/Project+, Rivals of Aether, and Guilty Gear Strive, among others, providing a versatile gaming experience.

Switch Game Mode

  • Melee Mode: Mod X + Start + L

  • Project M/Project+ Mode: Mod X + Start + Left

  • Ultimate Mode: Mod X + Start + Down

  • FGC Mode: Mod X + Start + Right

  • Rivals of Aether Mode: Mod X + Start + B

  • Keyboard Mode (Dinput): Mod Y + Start + L

Common Tech

  • Wavedash: Y + Right Trigger

  • Uptilt: Mod X + Up + A

  • Taunt: D-pad Toggle + C-stick Up

  • L-cancel: Z


No adapter? No problem.

Hold X while plugging in to either Switch USB and Ultimate mode.

For any further questions or support needs, please refer to the support section or join our community discussions on Discord.

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