Repairs & Warranty

Repair FAQs

How should I package my device for repair when sending it to GRAM facilities?

  • Original Packaging: Ideally, please send your device for repair in the original GRAM box, ensuring it's wrapped snugly in bubble wrap.

  • Alternative Packaging: If the original packaging is not available, ensure the device is securely packed in a sturdy box with sufficient bubble wrap to prevent movement and damage during transit.

Who's responsible for shipping costs and potential damages during transit?

The customer is responsible for covering the shipping fees to our facilities. If any damage occurs during transit (such as damage to the frame, buttons, or key switches), we'll provide a quote for the repair costs. We will only proceed with our in-depth QA and repair process after you confirm the quote.

What happens after my device arrives at GRAM for repair?

Upon receiving your device, we will first assess any damages incurred during transit (if any) and seek your approval before proceeding. Then, we'll focus on identifying and reproducing the reported issue. Throughout this process, we will keep you updated via your #SUPPORT-ticket on our Discord.

What if GRAM can't reproduce the issue I reported?

Issues can sometimes be elusive. If we're unable to replicate the problem during our QA process, we will return your device. We may also suggest potential hardware or software solutions if applicable. Please note, modifications or changes made to your device outside of GRAM's official interventions might be the cause of some issues. While we aim to assist wherever possible, our ability to resolve issues may be limited in cases involving user modifications.

What if I decide not to proceed with the repair?

Should you decide not to accept our repair quote, we will return your device in its current condition, without addressing the original issue.

Warranty FAQs

What is the warranty coverage for the GRAM Digital Controller?

Every GRAM Digital Controller comes with a 5-day claim window from the time of delivery, as recorded by our freight partners. This warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship during normal product usage. However, it does not cover damage caused by accidents, misuse, or unauthorized modifications. Proof of purchase is required to claim the warranty.

What should I do if my GRAM Digital Controller encounters issues after the warranty period?

Should your GRAM Digital Controller encounter any hardware issues beyond the 5-day warranty period, you may opt for a paid repair. Create a ticket on our Discord detailing your device's issues. We'll provide an initial diagnostic and cost estimate. You're responsible for shipping the controller to us, and we'll cover the return shipping cost. For more details, please review our Service Process.

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