Hardware FAQ's

What games and platforms are GRAM controllers compatible with?

The GRAM Slim is engineered to seamlessly integrate with an extensive range of gaming platforms:

  • Nintendo Consoles:

    • Nintendo Gamecube

    • Nintendo Wii

    • Nintendo Switch

    • Nintendo 64

  • Computing Platforms:

    • PC (Windows, macOS, and Linux)

  • Additional Platforms:

    • Brook Wingman adapters for further console compatibility

When is the next product drop or release?

You're not alone! We always aim to keep our GRAM community in the loop about our newest releases and updates. For the most up-to-date information about our product drops, be sure to check our website: www.gramctrl.com. This will be the go-to source for all the latest information regarding upcoming releases and product news.

Staying connected with GRAM ensures that you're always among the first to know about our new innovations and limited edition designs. Dive into the world of GRAM and discover what's next!

What is GRAM doing in between new product released and drops?

Between drops, the GRAM team, led by @grammy da goat and @BRUISES, focuses on developing new designs and refining existing ones. This period is crucial for brainstorming, prototyping, and engaging with our community on Discord. It's a busy time filled with designing, testing, and planning logistics for the next launch, ensuring that each GRAM product reflects our commitment to quality and innovation.

Where can I explore GRAM's open-source contributions?

Explore our open-source work on GitHub or join our Discord for developers to see what we're working on. View Our GitHub | Join Our Discord for Developers.

What should I do if my GRAM controller is not working as expected?

Please use the search feature at the top of this page to search keywords or full questions for further support. Not finding what you need here in the knowledge base? Create a #support-ticket in our Discord.

I purchased a GRAM before November 2023, am I eligible for the V2 button upgrade?

GRAM offered a free V2 button upgrade between January 1st 2024 - April 1st 2024. If you missed this window to redeem your free V2 button upgrade (just pay shipping + handling) please reach out via #support-ticket in the Discord.

What should I do if a button switch on my GRAM Digital Controller falls out?

If you encounter a button switch falling out of your GRAM Digital Controller, here are the steps to fix the issue:

  1. Push it Back In: GRAM controllers are designed to be hotswappable, meaning the switches can be easily reinserted into their sockets. Gently push the switch back into its place on the controller.

  2. Check the Orientation: Before reinserting, ensure the switch is aligned correctly. The hotswap sockets are typically south-facing, so the switch should be oriented accordingly.

  3. Inspect the Pins: Look at the switch's pins to see if any are bent. If so, carefully straighten them to ensure a proper connection when reinserted.

  • Handling the switch and its pins with care is crucial to prevent any additional damage. If you're unable to resolve the issue or need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out through the ⁠🎫︱support-ticket channel or seek advice from the GRAM community.

  • Remember, the modularity and hotswappable nature of GRAM Digital Controllers are designed to facilitate easy switch replacement, enhancing your gaming experience.

What should I do if I experience a glitch or unusual behavior with my GRAM Digital Controller?

If your GRAM Digital Controller is not functioning as expected, here's how you can report the issue:

  1. Create a Support Ticket:

    • Go to the ⁠🎫︱support-ticket channel in our Discord server.

    • Look for and select the "Create Ticket" option to start the ticket creation process.

  2. Describe the Issue:

    • In the ticket, provide a detailed description of the glitch or unusual behavior you're experiencing. Mention when the issue occurs, what actions seem to trigger it, and any error messages or patterns observed. If possible, attach a video to demonstrate the issue, as this can greatly help in diagnosing the problem.

  3. Submit the Ticket:

    • Once you've provided all the necessary information, submit your support ticket.

  4. Await Response:

    • Our support team will review your ticket and get back to you with assistance. While response times can vary based on current ticket volumes, we are committed to helping you as quickly as possible.

Ensuring your GRAM Digital Controller operates smoothly and efficiently is our top priority. We value your help in identifying and reporting any issues, allowing us to continuously improve our products. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

What are the dimensions required for a case to accommodate a GRAM controller?

To accommodate a GRAM controller, you will need a case with the following dimensions: 38cm x 2.6cm x 19cm. These measurements provide the appropriate space to securely store and transport your GRAM controller, ensuring its protection during storage or travel. It's important to ensure that the case you choose matches these dimensions to ensure a proper fit and protection for your GRAM controller.

What does 'WASD' refer to on the controller?

The term "WASD" refers to a specific layout commonly used in keyboard-based controls for first-person video games. It represents the four directional keys on a standard keyboard, specifically the letters W, A, S, and D.

How is the 'WASD' layout used on GRAM Digital Controllers?

In the case of GRAM Digital Controllers, the "WASD" layout is available as an option and mimics the traditional keyboard layout. It provides a familiar control scheme for users who are accustomed to playing games using the "WASD" keys on a keyboard.

What is the polling rate when a GRAM Digital Controller is connected via USB?

Currently, when GRAM Digital Controllers are connected via USB, the polling rate is fixed at 1,000 Hz. The polling rate represents the frequency at which the controller sends input updates to the connected device.

A polling rate of 1,000 Hz ensures a high level of responsiveness and accuracy during gameplay, allowing for precise control and reduced input lag.

**Please note that unless there is a significant technological advancement in the future, the polling rate for USB connection is expected to remain at 1,000 Hz.

What should I do if I'm experiencing input issues with my GRAM controller?

Firstly, ensure that you're plugging the cable into your GRAM controller first, before connecting it to the console or adapter. This sequence can help resolve common input issues.

Non-responsive button or a malfunctioning USB-C cable

If you encounter issues with your GRAM controller, such as a non-responsive button or a malfunctioning USB-C cable, follow these steps for troubleshooting and repair:

  1. Troubleshoot at Home: First, attempt to troubleshoot at home. For button issues, try swapping out the switch if you have spare parts and are comfortable doing so. This can sometimes resolve the problem if it's related to a faulty switch.

  2. Check Connection Methods: Test the controller by connecting it directly to your PC and using different adapters (if applicable), like an official Nintendo adapter or a Mayflash one. This helps determine if the issue is with the connection method.

  3. Contact Support: If troubleshooting doesn't resolve the issue, or if you suspect a PCB (printed circuit board) problem, contact GRAM support for assistance. Describe your issue, what you've tried, and the games and connection methods used.

  4. Arrange for Repair: GRAM Controllers offers repair services for issues like these. You will be asked to ship your controller back to GRAM for inspection and repair.

  5. Shipping for Repair: When returning your controller for repair, ensure it's packaged securely. Use a sturdy box and bubble wrap to protect the device during transit. This helps prevent physical damage that can occur with insufficient packaging.

  6. Repair and Return: GRAM Controllers will repair or replace necessary parts, including the frame and internal PCB if needed, at no cost to you. Before returning the repaired controller, GRAM may perform QA testing and share a video with you to ensure everything is in working order.

  7. Receive Your Repaired Controller: Once the repair is complete, GRAM will ship your controller back to you. They may also include shipping tracking information for your convenience.

Note: Always use protective packaging when shipping electronics for repair to avoid physical damage during transit. GRAM Controllers values customer satisfaction and aims to resolve any issues with their products efficiently and effectively.

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