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What games and platforms are GRAM controllers compatible with?

The GRAM Slim is engineered to seamlessly integrate with an extensive range of gaming platforms:

Nintendo Consoles:

  • Nintendo Gamecube

  • Nintendo Wii

  • Nintendo Switch

  • Nintendo 64

Computing Platforms:

  • PC (Windows, macOS, and Linux)

Additional Platforms:

  • Brook Wingman adapters for further console compatibility

Read more about that here:

When is the next product drop or release?

Are you eager to know when our next product drop is?

You're not alone! We always aim to keep our GRAM community in the loop about our newest releases and updates. For the most up-to-date information about our product drops, be sure to check our website: www.gramctrl.com. This will be the go-to source for all the latest information regarding upcoming releases and product news.

Staying connected with GRAM ensures that you're always among the first to know about our new innovations and limited edition designs. Dive into the world of GRAM and discover what's next!

Made with ♥ in Dallas, TX by GRAM Founders: @Grammy_Money & @BRUISESXO.

What is GRAM doing in between new product released and drops?

Between drops, the GRAM team, led by @grammy da goat and @BRUISES, focuses on developing new designs and refining existing ones. This period is crucial for brainstorming, prototyping, and engaging with our community on Discord. It's a busy time filled with designing, testing, and planning logistics for the next launch, ensuring that each GRAM product reflects our commitment to quality and innovation.

Where can I explore GRAM's open-source contributions?

Explore our open-source work on GitHub or join our Discord for developers to see what we're working on. View Our GitHub | Join Our Discord for Developers.

What should I do if my GRAM controller is not working as expected?

Please use the search feature at the top of this page to search keywords or full questions for further support. Not finding what you need here in the knowledge base? Create a #support-ticket in our Discord.

I purchased a GRAM before November 2023, am I eligible for the V2 button upgrade?

GRAM offered a free V2 button upgrade between January 1st 2024 - April 1st 2024. If you missed this window to redeem your free V2 button upgrade (just pay shipping + handling) please reach out via #support-ticket in the Discord.

What should I do if a button switch on my GRAM Digital Controller falls out?

If you encounter a button switch falling out of your GRAM Digital Controller, here are the steps to fix the issue:

  1. Push it Back In: GRAM controllers are designed to be hotswappable, meaning the switches can be easily reinserted into their sockets. Gently push the switch back into its place on the controller.

  2. Check the Orientation: Before reinserting, ensure the switch is aligned correctly. The hotswap sockets are typically south-facing, so the switch should be oriented accordingly.

  3. Inspect the Pins: Look at the switch's pins to see if any are bent. If so, carefully straighten them to ensure a proper connection when reinserted.

Handling the switch and its pins with care is crucial to prevent any additional damage. If you're unable to resolve the issue or need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out through the ⁠🎫︱support-ticket channel or seek advice from the GRAM community.

Remember, the modularity and hotswappable nature of GRAM Digital Controllers are designed to facilitate easy switch replacement, enhancing your gaming experience.

What should I do if I experience a glitch or unusual behavior with my GRAM Digital Controller?

If your GRAM Digital Controller is not functioning as expected, here's how you can report the issue:

  1. Create a Support Ticket:

    • Go to the ⁠🎫︱support-ticket channel in our Discord server.

    • Look for and select the "Create Ticket" option to start the ticket creation process.

  2. Describe the Issue:

    • In the ticket, provide a detailed description of the glitch or unusual behavior you're experiencing. Mention when the issue occurs, what actions seem to trigger it, and any error messages or patterns observed. If possible, attach a video to demonstrate the issue, as this can greatly help in diagnosing the problem.

  3. Submit the Ticket:

    • Once you've provided all the necessary information, submit your support ticket.

  4. Await Response:

    • Our support team will review your ticket and get back to you with assistance. While response times can vary based on current ticket volumes, we are committed to helping you as quickly as possible.

Ensuring your GRAM Digital Controller operates smoothly and efficiently is our top priority. We value your help in identifying and reporting any issues, allowing us to continuously improve our products. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

What are the dimensions required for a case to accommodate a GRAM controller?

To accommodate a GRAM controller, you will need a case with the following dimensions: 38cm x 2.6cm x 19cm. These measurements provide the appropriate space to securely store and transport your GRAM controller, ensuring its protection during storage or travel. It's important to ensure that the case you choose matches these dimensions to ensure a proper fit and protection for your GRAM controller.

What does 'WASD' refer to on the controller?

The term "WASD" refers to a specific layout commonly used in keyboard-based controls for first-person video games. It represents the four directional keys on a standard keyboard, specifically the letters W, A, S, and D.

How is the 'WASD' layout used on GRAM Digital Controllers?

In the case of GRAM Digital Controllers, the "WASD" layout is available as an option and mimics the traditional keyboard layout. It provides a familiar control scheme for users who are accustomed to playing games using the "WASD" keys on a keyboard.

What is the polling rate when a GRAM Digital Controller is connected via USB?

Currently, when GRAM Digital Controllers are connected via USB, the polling rate is fixed at 1,000 Hz. The polling rate represents the frequency at which the controller sends input updates to the connected device.

A polling rate of 1,000 Hz ensures a high level of responsiveness and accuracy during gameplay, allowing for precise control and reduced input lag.

**Please note that unless there is a significant technological advancement in the future, the polling rate for USB connection is expected to remain at 1,000 Hz.

What should I do if I'm experiencing input issues with my GRAM controller?

Firstly, ensure that you're plugging the cable into your GRAM controller first, before connecting it to the console or adapter. This sequence can help resolve common input issues.

Non-responsive button or a malfunctioning USB-C cable

If you encounter issues with your GRAM controller, such as a non-responsive button or a malfunctioning USB-C cable, follow these steps for troubleshooting and repair:

  1. Troubleshoot at Home: First, attempt to troubleshoot at home. For button issues, try swapping out the switch if you have spare parts and are comfortable doing so. This can sometimes resolve the problem if it's related to a faulty switch.

  2. Check Connection Methods: Test the controller by connecting it directly to your PC and using different adapters (if applicable), like an official Nintendo adapter or a Mayflash one. This helps determine if the issue is with the connection method.

  3. Contact Support: If troubleshooting doesn't resolve the issue, or if you suspect a PCB (printed circuit board) problem, contact GRAM support for assistance. Describe your issue, what you've tried, and the games and connection methods used.

  4. Arrange for Repair: GRAM Controllers offers repair services for issues like these. You will be asked to ship your controller back to GRAM for inspection and repair.

  5. Shipping for Repair: When returning your controller for repair, ensure it's packaged securely. Use a sturdy box and bubble wrap to protect the device during transit. This helps prevent physical damage that can occur with insufficient packaging.

  6. Repair and Return: GRAM Controllers will repair or replace necessary parts, including the frame and internal PCB if needed, at no cost to you. Before returning the repaired controller, GRAM may perform QA testing and share a video with you to ensure everything is in working order.

  7. Receive Your Repaired Controller: Once the repair is complete, GRAM will ship your controller back to you. They may also include shipping tracking information for your convenience.

Note: Always use protective packaging when shipping electronics for repair to avoid physical damage during transit. GRAM Controllers values customer satisfaction and aims to resolve any issues with their products efficiently and effectively.


What Firmware does the GRAM Slim SMASH use?

What Firmware does the GRAM Slim FGC use?

How do I switch game modes?

Switch modes by holding the Key Combinations below.

  • Melee Mode: Mod X + Start + L

  • Project M/Project+ Mode: Mod X + Start + Left

  • Ultimate Mode: Mod X + Start + Down

  • FGC Mode: Mod X + Start + Right

  • Rivals of Aether Mode: Mod X + Start + B

  • Keyboard Mode (Dinput): Mod Y + Start + L

With these modes, your GRAM can swap games as fast as you do. Switching modes is instant — no need to unplug. Just hold the right combination, and you're set to start gaming.

How can I resolve D-pad issues when using my GRAM controller on Linux?

The D-pad issue on Linux arises from the default wireless controller detection by the computer. This fix entails a simple adjustment to make your controller read as a wired one, enabling D-pad functionality without drawbacks on Linux systems.

Easy Fix (Recommended for End Users):

  1. Hold the bootsel button (Start button) while plugging your controller into your PC.

  2. Drag and drop the provided file "LINUXFIX-BubbleBox-WASD-FirmwareMk1.1.uf2" onto the RPI-RP2 drive that appears in your file explorer.

Advanced Fix (For Custom Firmware Edits):

  1. Download the source code from here.

  2. Install Visual Studio Code and the PlatformIO IDE extension.

  3. Open the "BubbleBox-Firmware-1.1" folder in Visual Studio Code.

  4. Navigate to "HAL/pico/src/comms/XInputBackend.cpp" or search for "02A1" using Ctrl+Shift+F.

  5. Change "TinyUSBDevice.setID(0x045E, 0x02A1);" to "TinyUSBDevice.setID(0x045E, 0x028e);".

  6. Hold the bootsel button (Start button) while plugging your controller into your PC.

  7. Drag and drop the file "BubbleBox-Firmware-1.1/.pio/build/pico/firmware.uf2" onto the RPI-RP2 drive that appears in your file explorer.

Note: For those unfamiliar with firmware editing, the easy fix is recommended. If further assistance is needed, please refer to our support resources.

GRAM Controller Firmware Issue with Project+ (P+)

Why is my GRAM controller experiencing issues when trying to play Project+ on my Wii?

A: If your GRAM controller suddenly stops working or encounters issues specifically when trying to play Project+ on the Wii, it could be related to the firmware compatibility or the way Project+ allocates memory on the Wii. Here are steps to troubleshoot and potentially resolve the issue:

  1. Try a Different Port: Initially, test your controller on a different port of the Wii to rule out port-specific issues.

  2. Check Firmware Compatibility: Ensure your GRAM controller's firmware is compatible with Project+. The controller might be running on HayBox or BubbleBox firmware, which is generally compatible with Project+ but might require updates or adjustments.

  3. Reinstall Firmware: Reinstalling your controller's firmware can sometimes resolve unexpected issues. Download the latest firmware UF2 file from the official GitHub repository, connect your controller to your computer in "flashing mode," and drag the UF2 file into the controller's storage.

    • To enter flashing mode, hold the start button while connecting the controller to your computer via USB. A storage device named "RPI-RP2" should appear, into which you can drag and drop the UF2 file.

  4. Inspect Your Project+ Installation: If firmware adjustments don't resolve the issue, the problem may lie with your Project+ installation, particularly how it's reading from your USB or SD card. Referencing community resources or forums such as GBATemp for specific Project+ loading issues might provide a solution.

  5. Consult the Project+ Community: For more specialized assistance, especially with homebrew applications and Project+ specific configurations, reaching out to the Project+ Discord or other community forums could offer more direct and informed support.

Remember, while GRAM controllers are designed to be compatible with a wide range of games and mods, nuances in software like Project+ can introduce unique challenges that may require community-driven solutions.

What should I do if my GRAM controller's buttons, including the C-stick, are dropping inputs or seem glitchy when spamming?

If you notice that your GRAM controller is dropping inputs or behaving unpredictably, especially when spamming buttons rapidly, follow these steps to diagnose and potentially resolve the issue:

  1. Check on a PC: Connect your GRAM controller to a PC using a USB cable. Press the Windows key + R, type "joy.cpl" into the run box, and hit enter. This opens the Game Controllers settings.

  2. Test Controller Inputs: In the Game Controllers settings, find your controller listed (likely named "Pico") and go to its properties. Here, test the problem buttons by spamming them and observe the response on the screen. This helps identify if the issue is related to switch input delay, a mode specific to certain games like Smash Ultimate, or a hardware problem.

  3. Record Your Findings: If possible, record a video of the controller's properties screen while testing the buttons. This visual evidence can be crucial for further troubleshooting, especially if you need to reach out for support.

  4. Consider Game Specifics: Recognize that some issues may stem from how certain games process inputs. For instance, Smash Ultimate might scrub rapid inputs due to differences in how button inputs are registered compared to traditional joysticks. This can be more pronounced with controllers like GRAM that allow for faster input than typical gamepads.

  5. Practice and Patience: Sometimes, adapting to the controller's input style and understanding its interaction with specific games can alleviate perceived issues. Continuous play and practice may help you adjust to the controller's nuances and improve input accuracy over time.

If, after these steps, you still experience problems or the controller consistently drops inputs, consider reaching out for further support. Providing detailed information and any videos of the issue will help diagnose and address the problem more effectively. Remember, learning and adapting to a new controller setup can take time, and minor issues might resolve with practice and familiarity.


GRAM Official Discord Rules

Purpose of the Discord

Welcome to the GRAM Digital Controllers Official Discord. We aim to cultivate a vibrant and inclusive community of rectangle box controller enthusiasts. Our platform is a confluence of aficionados with a shared passion for open-source technology and GRAM controllers.

Community Rules & Expectations

Respect & Enjoy the Peace

Maintain the cordial atmosphere by being considerate and respectful to fellow members. Every individual here contributes to the community's essence.

Equity & Inclusivity

Prejudiced behavior or comments, including but not limited to racism, sexism, homophobia, or transphobia, are unequivocally forbidden.

Stay Civil

We are united by our passion for gaming and technology. Ensure interactions are pleasant and devoid of comments that might disturb the community's harmony.

Age Limitation & Disclaimer

Our server caters to participants aged 18 and above. By engaging, you understand the discussions may cater to an adult audience. GRAM holds no responsibility for exposures and does not tailor content to suit an audience below 18.

Constructive Criticism

Feedback is the cornerstone of improvement. While we welcome critiques, they should be constructive, actionable, and delivered respectfully. Aggressive or rude feedback is unacceptable.

Enforcement Rights

Both @grammy da goat and @BRUISES reserve the sole discretion to take appropriate action against any rules violations. This includes, but is not limited to, temporary or permanent bans, irrespective of one's standing as a customer.

Support Queries

Encountered a hiccup or need assistance? Follow our support guidelines and initiate a support-ticket for prompt aid.

Final Thoughts

A positive and thriving community is the product of collective efforts. Let's ensure this platform remains receptive and friendly for everyone.


The community rules are dynamic. As we grow and evolve, these guidelines might undergo revisions. We remain committed to modernizing and staying attuned to community needs and ethical standards. For concerns or suggestions, kindly reach out.

Support Ticket Protocol & Rules

Initiating Support

To start a new support ticket, click the "+" icon in the support-ticket channel. This creates a dedicated channel for our support team to help with your issue.

Detailed Information

When submitting your ticket, please provide as much detail as possible, including:

  • Order number (if relevant)

  • Model or product details

  • A clear description of the problem

  • Any relevant photos or screenshots

Response Time

Our team aims to respond within 24-48 hours. Please note, response times may vary during peak periods or holidays. We appreciate your patience.

One Ticket at a Time

Please allow your initial ticket to be resolved before opening a new one, unless it's for a different issue.

Respectful Interaction

We expect all interactions with our support staff to be conducted respectfully. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

Resolution & Feedback

After your issue has been resolved, we welcome any feedback on your support experience to help us improve.

Reopening Tickets

If you feel a ticket was closed prematurely or your issue is unresolved, inform the support staff for further review and action.

FAQs & Documentation

Before submitting a ticket, please check the FAQ channel and any available documentation for answers to common questions.

Ticket Closure

Tickets inactive for more than 72 hours will automatically close. You can open a new ticket if further assistance is needed.


Misuse of the support ticket system, such as spamming or submitting frivolous tickets, may lead to temporary or permanent restrictions.

How do I join the GRAM Discord community?

Join our official Discord for a vibrant open-source community space where you can chat, share, and learn with the GRAM family. Join our Discord.

Are all support tickets handled in Discord?

Yes, we handle all support tickets inside of our open-source community Discord.

What is the 'Community Developer' Role in Discord?

The 'Community Developer' role in our Discord is a recognition given to members who significantly contribute their skills and dedication to the community. This role celebrates those who actively support and enrich our community environment.

What responsibilities come with being a Community Developer?

Community Developers are recognized for their active participation in the following ways:

  • Open-Source Assistance: They provide valuable help within the 📂︱open-source channel.

  • Guiding to Resources: They direct members to essential information, particularly in the ⁠❓︱faq channel.

Is the Community Developer role just about moderation?

No, the Community Developer role goes beyond moderation. It's about being a foundational support to our community, engaging in activities such as promoting GRAM on social media and representing the brand at events. This role embodies being a proactive pillar of support and engagement within our community.

How can I become a Community Developer?

To be considered for the Community Developer role, consistency and talent sharing are key:

  • Consistency: We value members who consistently contribute and engage with the community over months.

  • Talent Sharing: Whether it's proficiency in coding, helping others with firmware modifications, or any other skill that benefits the open-source community, sharing your talents is crucial.

We celebrate and appreciate the dedication of our Community Developers, who play a vital role in making our GRAM family vibrant and supportive!

I just purchased a controller from GRAM, how do I get my Discord Role?

Join our Discord. To add a role in this Discord server, follow these steps:

  • Head over to the ⁠📌︱roles channel.

  • In the ⁠📌︱roles channel, you will find a list of available roles.

  • Review the available roles and choose the preferred role that you would like to add to your profile.

  • Once you have decided on a role, follow the instructions provided in the ⁠📌︱roles channel to add the role to your profile.

  • You can add a role by clicking on the reaction or emoji associated with that role. This will automatically assign the role to your profile.

By adding a role in the Discord server, you can customize your profile and indicate your interests or affiliations within the community. If you have any questions or encounter any issues while adding a role, feel free to reach out to the server moderators or administrators for assistance.


What is B-STOCK?

A: B-STOCK items are products not sold as brand new due to various reasons like returns, cosmetic imperfections, or previous use as demo units. Here's how B-STOCK is generally understood and what it means for you at GRAM:

  • General Definition: B-STOCK products are new but cannot be sold as 'A-Stock' due to factors like being factory seconds.

  • Return Status: These might be customer returns or replaced items that are fully operational but can't be listed as new.

  • Cosmetic Imperfections: Expect to find signs of use or scuffing on B-STOCK items.

Why choose B-STOCK from GRAM?

Choosing GRAM B-STOCK means:

  • Selective Quality: We only release B-STOCK items that meet our quality threshold.

  • Clear Labeling: Each B-STOCK item is clearly described, so there are no surprises.

  • Community Creativity: We love seeing how you make these items your own and share with the community.

What does buying a B-STOCK item from GRAM entail?

A: With GRAM B-STOCK items:

  • Imperfections Noted: You'll find details on any aesthetic imperfections that don't hinder functionality.

  • As-Is Policy: B-STOCK sales are final, with no refunds or replacements.

  • Functional Assurance: All B-STOCK items are fully functional and ready for your custom touch.

What payment methods does GRAM accept?

We've got a wide range of payment options for you:

  • Shopify Payments

  • Visa

  • JCB

  • Maestro

  • Union Pay

  • Mastercard

  • American Express

  • Discover

  • Diners Club

  • Shop Pay

  • Apple Pay

  • Google Pay

  • Meta Pay

You can also use Google Pay or Shop Pay to sign in for a speedy checkout and track your shipping easily.

Q: Where can I see updated or new payment methods? A: Great question! To stay up-to-date with our payment options, you can always check out at checkout on gramctrl.com or look for updates at the bottom of each webpage in the footer.

Q: Why don't you accept PayPal? A: We prioritize the safety and security of our users. We've chosen not to accept PayPal as we believe their checkout process doesn't offer the level of security we expect for our sellers and buyers. Ensuring the best protection for our users is key for us.

Where can I see updated or new payment methods?

Great question! To stay up-to-date with our payment options, you can always check out at checkout on gramctrl.com or look for updates at the bottom of each webpage in the footer.

Why don't you accept PayPal?

We prioritize the safety and security of our users. We've chosen not to accept PayPal as we believe their checkout process doesn't offer the level of security we expect for our sellers and buyers. Ensuring the best protection for our users is key for us.

Can I customize my GRAM controller before purchasing?

At this time, GRAM controllers are WYSIWYG (what you see if what you get) on the site. We also post a "What's in the Box?" list in the product description so you know exactly what you are purchasing.

Will GRAM re-release specific models once they are sold out?

At GRAM, we pride ourselves on creating unique, limited-edition batches of our digital controllers. However, at this time, we do not have plans to re-release any specific make or model once it is sold out. This is part of our commitment to providing one-of-a-kind controller experiences.

How can I stay informed about future releases of GRAM Controllers?

We highly recommend joining our mailing list at https://grammy.money/ to stay informed about future releases. Our mailing list subscribers are among the first to receive updates and announcements about new drops, ensuring they have a better chance of securing their desired controllers.

Why should I sign up for the GRAM mailing list?

Signing up for our mailing list ensures that you stay connected with GRAM and have the opportunity to be notified about new releases. This way, you won't miss out on the chance to get your desired GRAM Controller. We encourage you to sign up and stay connected with GRAM for exclusive updates and offers.

What should I do if I see a double charge for my GRAM controller purchase?

If your bank statement or purchase history shows a double charge for a single transaction with GRAM Digital Controllers:

  1. Verification: Immediately contact GRAM support via Discord with your full name used during the purchase and, if possible, your order number.

  2. Proof: Provide a screenshot or photo of your bank statement showing the double charge. This helps us quickly verify and address the issue on our end.

  3. Investigation: Our team will review the transaction on the www.gramctrl.com website and our internal purchase portal to verify the charges.

  4. Resolution: Often, apparent double charges can result from banking app glitches or pending transaction displays. Rechecking your bank statement after a short period can clarify the situation.

  5. Closing the Ticket: If it turns out to be a display error and you confirm that no double charge exists, let us know so we can close the support ticket.

Support and Quick Response: We prioritize resolving billing and payment issues promptly to ensure your satisfaction and trust in GRAM Digital Controllers.

Why are GRAM controllers priced as they are, and are there plans to make them more affordable in the future?

The pricing of GRAM PRI$M controllers reflects not just the bill of materials but also includes research and development (R&D), labor costs, design expenses, and contributions to our designers WunWae and Quark. As a small, open-source business, GRAM aims to create accessible, high-quality gaming devices while supporting the ethos of DIY and open-source community involvement.

  • Comprehensive Costs: Beyond the raw materials, the cost incorporates R&D efforts, labor, design, and the support of our collaborative designers, ensuring each PRI$M meets the high standards of innovation and quality GRAM is known for.

  • DIY and Open-Source: We encourage the community to engage in DIY projects using our open-source files. Our GitHub is home to the ordering guide and files needed to build your own PRI$M or other GRAM controllers, offering a cost-effective alternative for those willing to undertake the project themselves.

  • Community and Growth: Every purchase supports not just the GRAM brand but also our broader mission of innovation within the gaming community. As we evolve, we're exploring ways to make our controllers more cost-efficient without compromising on quality. The introduction of more affordable versions of our controllers, like the newer iterations of GRAM SLIM, is part of this ongoing effort.

  • Support and Resources: For enthusiasts interested in building a controller from scratch, resources and spare parts from past drops are available on our website. This initiative not only promotes a DIY culture but also helps in reducing costs for community members keen on assembling their own devices.

For those intrigued by the prospect of building their own GRAM controller, we welcome and encourage sharing your journey and creations with our community. Your support and participation fuel our continuous drive towards innovation and accessibility in the gaming world.

Build Your Own GRAM | DIY Resources and Parts


What is the availability of products at GRAM's online store?

At GRAM, we list only in-stock products in our online store, eliminating the need for pre-orders or waiting lists. This ensures a quick and efficient ordering process.

How long does it take to prepare an order for shipping?

Once an order is placed, we typically require 1-2 days for packing and shipping preparations to ensure your product is ready for dispatch.

What is the estimated delivery time for orders within the United States?

For orders within the United States, you can expect to receive your GRAM Digital Controller in approximately 2-3 days after the shipping process has commenced.

How can international customers get information about customs and delivery times?

International customers are provided estimates on the site at checkout.

Are the provided shipping timelines guaranteed?

The mentioned timelines are general estimates and may be subject to variations due to factors like shipping carrier delays and customs clearance processes. We aim to deliver your GRAM Digital Controller as swiftly and securely as possible.

What should I do if my GRAM controller arrives damaged?

Contact Support: Reach out to us immediately with a description and photos of the damage using the #support-ticket in Discord.

DIY & Open-Source

Where is the GitHub?

Visit our GitHub here: More Links

What do the released open source files for GRAM controllers include?

The released open source files provide individuals with the necessary information and specifications to create controllers that are functionally equivalent to what GRAM sells. This includes details for the case, PCB (printed circuit board), buttons, and build guides.

Are there any limitations to what can be replicated using the open source files?

While the open source files enable the creation of controllers with the same functionality as GRAM controllers, they do not include the design of the panels. This means that individuals can replicate the internal components and functionality but may need to design their own panels or acquire them separately.

How can I access the open source files for GRAM controllers?

The open source files for GRAM controllers are available for download or access through the designated platform or repository. Check the GRAM website or relevant community forums for information on where to find and download these files.

Can you tell me more about Open GRAMv2 and its design philosophy?

Open GRAMv2 is the result of our ambition to develop a premium digital controller that not only offers maximum design flexibility but also remains cost-effective. Its core feature is an SLA-printed resin frame designed to support customized top and bottom panels. This modular framework enables a vast array of customizations, allowing for a personalized controller experience based on a singular initial design.

The v2.0 model is tailored to support soldered MX switches. While hotswap sockets are technically feasible, they have yet to be fully tested and might impact the frame's stability.

Supporting the Project: To aid the development of Open GRAMv2 and ensure the continuity of such innovative projects, consider purchasing components like buttons, USB-C to GCC cables, and official GRAM builds directly from gramctrl.com rather than opting for third-party fabrication services.

For more details on Open GRAMv2, including design specifics and how to get involved or support the project, visit the GitHub repository.


Can I use third-party accessories with GRAM Digital Controllers?
  • A: While some third-party accessories might physically fit, GRAM Digital Controllers are designed for use with our proprietary accessories to ensure the best performance and compatibility. We cannot guarantee the functionality or performance of third-party products and using them could void your warranty.

Can I use GRAM accessories with a third-party controller?
  • A: GRAM accessories are optimized for GRAM Digital Controllers. Their use with third-party controllers is not recommended as we cannot assure functionality or compatibility.

What if a third-party accessory damages my GRAM controller?
  • A: GRAM is not liable for damage caused by third-party accessories. If damage occurs, your controller's warranty will not cover repairs or replacements due to third-party accessory use. We recommend contacting the third-party manufacturer for support.

Are there risks involved with using non-GRAM accessories?
  • A: Yes, using third-party accessories is at your own risk and can impact the functionality, performance, and compatibility of your GRAM Digital Controller. This may also lead to the voiding of your warranty.

What happens if GRAM accessories don't work with my third-party controller?
  • A: If GRAM accessories are used with non-GRAM controllers and do not perform as expected, or if damage occurs, GRAM cannot be held accountable. We will not accept returns or offer refunds for compatibility issues, misuse, or mis-purchases related to third-party controllers.

Is GRAM responsible for any issues arising from using their accessories with another brand's controller?
  • A: GRAM is not responsible for any functionality issues, damage, or performance discrepancies when our accessories are used with third-party controllers. Our warranty and return policies do not cover such scenarios

How can I get my GRAM controller to register on PS5 using the Brook Wingman FGC adapter without needing an additional controller for initial setup?

If you're having trouble getting your GRAM controller to register with your PS5 through the Brook Wingman FGC adapter and want to avoid using an additional controller for the initial connection, follow these steps:

  1. Firmware Check: Ensure your GRAM controller is running the latest firmware that supports XInput mode, as this is essential for compatibility with the Brook adapter.

  2. Adapter Setup: Thoroughly review and follow the setup guide provided by Brook for the Wingman FGC adapter. This guide includes specific instructions on how to initialize the adapter with your PS5. Brook Wingman FGC Adapter Setup Guide.

  3. Connection Process: Connect your GRAM controller to the Brook adapter and then to your PS5. The adapter should have a solid light indicator when correctly connected and recognized by the PS5. If the light flashes when unplugging the USB from the controller, it indicates the adapter is trying to register but might be missing the necessary handshake with the PS5.

  4. Initial PS5 Controller Requirement: Currently, due to how the Brook adapter operates (by "borrowing" the hardware key from an official controller), an initial connection with a PS5 controller may be required for the adapter to "steal" the hardware key. This is a limitation based on the adapter's design and not the GRAM controller.

  5. Troubleshooting Steps:

    • Test with a different cable if available, to rule out cable issues.

    • Ensure the adapter is in the correct mode for PS5 usage according to the Brook guide.

    • Try the process of connecting with a PS5 controller, then swapping to the GRAM controller while holding the X button as you plug it in.

Note: The necessity of using a PS5 controller for initial setup is due to the Brook adapter's functionality and not a limitation of the GRAM controller itself. For a more seamless experience, regularly check for updates from Brook on firmware or usage guides that might introduce new functionalities or simplify the connection process.

Repair & Warranty

How should I package my device for repair when sending it to GRAM facilities?
  • Original Packaging: Ideally, please send your device for repair in the original GRAM box, ensuring it's wrapped snugly in bubble wrap.

  • Alternative Packaging: If the original packaging is not available, ensure the device is securely packed in a sturdy box with sufficient bubble wrap to prevent movement and damage during transit.

Who's responsible for shipping costs and potential damages during transit?

The customer is responsible for covering the shipping fees to our facilities. If any damage occurs during transit (such as damage to the frame, buttons, or key switches), we'll provide a quote for the repair costs. We will only proceed with our in-depth QA and repair process after you confirm the quote.

What happens after my device arrives at GRAM for repair?

Upon receiving your device, we will first assess any damages incurred during transit (if any) and seek your approval before proceeding. Then, we'll focus on identifying and reproducing the reported issue. Throughout this process, we will keep you updated via your #SUPPORT-ticket on our Discord.

What if GRAM can't reproduce the issue I reported?

Issues can sometimes be elusive. If we're unable to replicate the problem during our QA process, we will return your device. We may also suggest potential hardware or software solutions if applicable. Please note, modifications or changes made to your device outside of GRAM's official interventions might be the cause of some issues. While we aim to assist wherever possible, our ability to resolve issues may be limited in cases involving user modifications.

What if I decide not to proceed with the repair?

Should you decide not to accept our repair quote, we will return your device in its current condition, without addressing the original issue.

What is the warranty coverage for the GRAM Digital Controller?

Every GRAM Digital Controller comes with a 5-day claim window from the time of delivery, as recorded by our freight partners. This warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship during normal product usage. However, it does not cover damage caused by accidents, misuse, or unauthorized modifications. Proof of purchase is required to claim the warranty.

What should I do if my GRAM Digital Controller encounters issues after the warranty period?

Should your GRAM Digital Controller encounter any hardware issues beyond the 5-day warranty period, you may opt for a paid repair. Create a ticket on our Discord detailing your device's issues. We'll provide an initial diagnostic and cost estimate. You're responsible for shipping the controller to us, and we'll cover the return shipping cost. For more details, please review our Service Process.

GRAM Official Collaborators & Vendors

Who are the official Developers and Collaborators of GRAM?

GRAM Developers and Collaborators

At GRAM Digital Controllers, we are fortunate to work alongside talented individuals and organizations that have significantly contributed to our success. Below is an acknowledgment of our key developers and collaborators:

Beta Buttons

  • Project: nanoGRAM controller

  • Contribution: Collaborated on the nanoGRAM controller, showcasing innovation and design excellence.

  • Website: ABXYG


  • Project: PCB for GRAM Slim SMASH and FGC controllers

  • Contribution: Provided engineering expertise for developing the PCB, ensuring performance and reliability.

  • Twitter: @quark_works


  • Collaboration: Photography

  • Contribution: Captured our controllers with exceptional photography, highlighting the unique designs and craftsmanship.

  • Twitter: @bluerosetori


  • Role: Vendor

  • Contribution: Crucial in selling our first controllers at events, helping establish GRAM's market presence.

  • Twitter: @riennezelda

Jack Plants GCC

  • Role: Mentor and Catalyst

  • Contribution: Key in introducing Grammy to the controller modding space and served as a catalyst for GRAM's inception.

  • In Memory: We honor Jack's vision and support by continuing to innovate in his memory.

  • Twitter: @plantsgcc


  • Role: Collaborator

  • Project: Official GRAM V2 buttons

  • Contribution: Selstor resin casts official GRAM V2 buttons and sells them at events and online, adding a unique touch to our product offerings.

  • Twitter: @selst0r

Our progress is a testament to the creativity, dedication, and shared vision of our collaborators. We are immensely grateful for their contributions and excited about future collaborations in the digital gaming technology realm.

Who are the Official GRAM Digital Controller Vendors?


  • Role: Vendor

  • Contribution: Crucial in selling our first controllers at events, helping establish GRAM's market presence.

  • Twitter: @riennezelda

How can I join the GRAM Affiliate Program?

Interested in spreading the word about GRAM and enjoying early access to new products and special perks? Stay tuned. 😎

How can I participate in beta testing for GRAM products?

We periodically select individuals for beta test devices to gather early feedback on our innovations. If you're interested, email us at contact@gramctrl.com with details about your community and why you should be chosen for a beta test.

Business Inquiries & Events

How can I get in touch with GRAM?

For business inquiries, press releases, event requests, or any other professional matters, kindly reach out via email at contact@gramctrl.com, or use our contact form at https://gramctrl.com/pages/contact for a direct line to our team.

How can I collaborate with GRAM?

For collaboration inquiries with GRAM on products, events, or other projects, please contact us at contact@gramctrl.com or use our contact form at https://gramctrl.com/pages/contact to discuss potential opportunities.

How can I feature GRAM at my event?

To have GRAM featured at your event, please reach out to us at contact@gramctrl.com or submit your request via our contact form at https://gramctrl.com/pages/contact. We look forward to hearing about your event!

Where can I see GRAM's event schedule?

To view GRAM's event schedule, please check our announcements in the Discord channel. This is where we regularly post updates and information about upcoming events.

How can I arrange an interview with GRAM?

To request an interview with GRAM, please send your inquiry to contact@gramctrl.com or fill out our contact form at https://gramctrl.com/pages/contact. We're excited about the opportunity to connect with you!

How can I become an official GRAM vendor for events or sell GRAM products in my store?

To explore becoming an official vendor for GRAM at events or to sell GRAM products in your brick-and-mortar shop, please contact us directly at contact@gramctrl.com or submit your inquiry through our contact form at https://gramctrl.com/pages/contact. We look forward to discussing potential partnership opportunities with you.


How can I participate in GRAM Digital Controllers giveaways?

Yes, GRAM Digital Controllers occasionally hosts giveaways at our discretion and at random intervals. To stay updated and potentially participate in upcoming giveaways, we recommend the following:

  • Follow us on Twitter: Regular updates and giveaway announcements are posted here.

  • Join our Newsletter: Sign up on our website to receive direct updates, including information on giveaways.

  • Attend Conventions: If GRAM Controllers is present at a convention near you, visiting our booth could provide more insights into current giveaways and how to participate.

GRAM Digital Controllers is committed to its community and looks forward to offering exciting opportunities to our supporters. By staying connected and engaged, you'll enhance your chances of participating in future giveaways!

Will GRAM Digital Controllers support analog inputs from devices like the Wii Nunchuk or GameCube Controller in the future?

Currently, there are no plans to support analog inputs from devices such as the Wii Nunchuk or GameCube Controller. The development of GRAM Digital Controllers aims to move away from relying on Nintendo OEM products and focuses on digital controller solutions with accessibility in mind.

Are there any possibilities for alternative analog input solutions in the future?

In the future, if high-quality stick boxes that are not from Nintendo become available and can be reproduced in a modern factory, there may be potential for the release or development of an open-source nunchuck replacement or a levered controller. These possibilities will be explored to provide innovative alternatives while maintaining the core principles of GRAM Digital Controllers.

How does GRAM Digital Controllers approach innovation and expansion of its product lineup?

GRAM Digital Controllers strives to push boundaries and explore new avenues for controller design and accessibility. Stay tuned for any updates or announcements regarding new developments and expansion of the product lineup.


Product Use and Software Modification

Product Use and Software Modification

Product Use and Software Modification

Firmware Tampering:

  • Recommendation: GRAM advises against altering the firmware of your digital controller.

  • Consequences: Unauthorized modifications can render the device inoperative and void its warranty.


  • Controller Damage: GRAM is not liable for any damages resulting from altered firmware. This includes competitive bans, forfeiting prize money, or any harm to the controller or connected console/computer.

  • Tournament-Legal Firmware: Every GRAM controller is flashed with tournament-legal firmware valid as of its shipping date.

Game Compatibility:

  • Main Game: While primarily designed for Super Smash Bros. Melee, GRAM does not ensure tournament legality for other games. However, adherence to tournament regulations for various games is always a priority.

Firmware Updates:

  • Availability: Updates concerning firmware may occasionally be available on our Discord, often due to changes in game rulesets.

  • Responsibility: Keeping the controller's firmware updated rests with the customer.

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